Hi, my name is Sarmad Gulzar. I am an Electrical Engineer and a Software Developer.

I started coding when I was in my 2nd semester and I was learning about microcontrollers. I started learning C and C++ when learning how to program chips like ATmega32 and development boards like Arduino. Then I also learned a bit of Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript and started web development. I also learned Django to make web application backends.

Now a days, I am working with Django, FastAPI, Firebase and VueJs to create full-stack web applications.

I am also a math and space nerd. In my free time, I like learning about all things math, physics, orbital mechanics and dynamics, rockets, machine learning, computer vision, self driving cars, autonomous and flying vehicles, you name it. Yeah my nerdy habits are quite diverse!


Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Rust
  • JavaScript


  • Django
  • Django REST Framework
  • FastAPI
  • Startlette
  • VueJS


  • Google Cloud Platform and Firebase
  • Digital Ocean/Heroku/Linode
  • AWS


If you wanna connect or say hello, here is my GitHub and Twitter.